[Fanfic] Drabbles from a Girl Spouting Nonsense~

Soooooooo~ I wrote some very short "flash fiction"-type fanfiction. I usually write long, detailed fics, but I like this short style. Mostly Arashi-centered, but the last one features Daisuke Takahashi, the figure skater (lol, couldn't help myself, he's so cute~ You can read my post about him here.)! Read, comment, and enjoy~!


Ohno Satoshi X OC: SunsetsCollapse )


Ninomiya Kazunari: 1 UP!Collapse )


Aiba Masaki X OC: Pretty Packaging = PerfumeCollapse )


Matsumoto Jun, Ohno Satoshi: Cooking SpecialtiesCollapse )


Sakurai Sho, Aiba Masaki, Ninomiya Kazunari: LunchCollapse )


Daisuke Takahashi X OC: SmilesCollapse )


Let me know what you think~ I'll post graphics. Sometime. When Physics is not trying to kill me. X_X!!
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Happy Birthday, Sakurai Sho-chan~!

First things first~! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAKURAI SHO-CHAN~! ^-^ So what better for our birthday boy than more graphics~! XD I also added a little something extra on the end~! Because it's a birthday for a very special boy?man?hot-idol-of-sexiness?, so why not~

And yes, I know practically everyone has made graphics out of the an-an shoot but but but... I can't help myself! He's just so beautiful! I even got sucked into buying the mag! XD KYAAAAAAAAAAA~! Sho-chan, don't say that you're not sexy! You are heart-throbbingly, please-give-me-a-heart-attack gorgeous! :3

Scans credits go to jesychan , shokim , SNG, katokathy , and for the patterns! Hope I didn't leave anyone out! :3~

So, let's start with my favorite Sho-chan! ^-^ Nosebleed to your heart's content! XD

OMG SHO. ::O~!!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaa, you have such a beautiful body~ *nosebleeds to death* And I'm not going to say more, otherwise this is bordering on inappropriate... (omg, his abs, his arm muscles, ahhh, his lips~) I might have passed out while making this from losing so much blood from nosebleeding, lol! X3~

And of course, a close up of his face! XD Ahh, there is something so sexy about his eyes here... it's very very very danger, but I can't help myself! (lol, thank you Aiba-chan XD) Kyaaaaaaaaa~!

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~! Cause I couldn't NOT make a wallie of this picture! (I'm squealing a lot. O_O) The quote is from the mag, in the small bit of text that they had (I know right, I totally forgot there was text, I was busy bleeding out, lol), but Sho says this in response to what he thinks a man's sexiness is. That wasn't translated by me, I had someone help me with that. Oh Sho, you bring out PLENTY of expression with those intensely desirable eyes! X3~!

AHHHHHHHHHH, SLOPING SHOULDERS YES YES YES YES YES YES YES (You can tell this post is making me insane, ne? lol.) Quote was just something I made up when I saw this picture. He seems to be looking after someone, ne? Me? *is shot* XD In any case, I have to say Sho has one of the sexiest backs I've ever seen! Whew~ *fans self*

Because I am I sucker for this color and OMG SHO~! XD I think I used this scan x1378924638765865387 amount of times in all sorts of stuff, lol. But but, THE SHOOOOOOOOOO~! He's just so... perfect! (I seriously need to stop being so insane, i'm scaring my neighbors. O_o)

AND NOW FOR THE ICONS. XD~! Not all of them are from an-an, lol. :3~ Enjoy!

All for a total of... 28 graphics for Sho on his special day! :D YAYYYYYYYYYY~! I love you Sho-chan!

Now, for my next special thing... a FANFIC. Normally I don't write these kinds of things, but what the heck, for my Sho-chan, I will! The OC remains totally unnamed, so just imagine whoever you like~ XD

Title: The Charm of Music
Rating: PG (I guess, just to be safe?)
Pairing: Sakurai Sho X OC
Summary: Choices interrupted by... what, a girl?!

Ehh, which to choose?!Collapse )
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Sho Month?! Guess we need more SHO~!

Hehe, I changed my background picture and my default userpic~! Hope you guys like, because I  LOVE the recent Hanako photoshoot Sho was in~! :3 He's so hot. And sexy. And I love the sweater he's wearing. The colors suit him so perfectly; they make him look royal, ne~! *O* He's beautiful~! (Well, he always is, but this photoshoot is just breathtaking and it made my heart stop and my ovaries explode and my skin tingle and my mouth drool.... And I know I sound so stalker-ish and unappealing now, lol...)

Resources include katokathy , SNG, shokim , jesychan , and for the patterns~! If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry. ;^; Just tell me and I'll add you to the list~!

Sooooo, I obviously had to make some wallpapers and stuff of my sexy Sho~! And some other wallies of the other cuties of Arashi (Well, okay, it seems to be just Nino)! XD Let's get started! As usual, if you would like a different size, just state in your comments! I always read all of the comments and reply, because I love reading them~! :3

Guess who~! Neener~! :D Okay I couldn't resist; this picture is too cute! Snoopy? And that scarf? He was setting himself up for this. That cute smile~! Ah, Nino takes awesome pictures~!

lol, right to Sho. I love his shirt here~! And the vest! Sho looks great here, so I couldn't help myself~! XD Enjoy him~! :3

His eyes here~! *O* He's so dreamy and beautiful~! I wanted to keep him simple here, since I wanted him to fill up your entire screen with his sexiness! XD~ His hair looks beautiful here; I want to run my hands through it~ XP

Sho really is mesmerizing, ne? I like the effect of his name here and, of course, Sho's suit/blazer/coat of pure sexy. XD And Inoue Mao has no idea what she's missing. SLOPING SHOULDERS ARE AWESOME. X3

So perfect... so irresistible... those eyes...  those lips... *off in fangirl world and never coming back for a very long time, lol*

I love this. So much. Those lips. Those eyes. That Sho. So wonderful here. I need to buy this magazine, lol.

Off to the icons guys~! These are totally random, except for the obvious Hanako Sho ones, lol. XD Enjoy! I think I have a Ohno/Aiba icon in there... XD

And that's all~! :D I hope you all enjoy~! Please, sexy Sho says~!:
- Credit is awesome~! :3
- Don't take and claim as yours! Maou will find you!
- Comments are <3 and full of hotness. :D

SHO MONTH YEAH~! He's going to be... 28? :3 He just gets cuter, that's all I have to say~! XD Enjoy, everyone~!


YAY~! 10 years since Arashi-chan's debut! I made something nice for them to celebrate!

HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY, ARASHI-CHAAAAAAAAAAAAN~! I love you all! From SQUISHY!cheeks, bread-loving, sexy Maou Oh-chan to animal-loving, super groovy, cheerful Aiba-chan to cool, stylish, Domyoji Jun, to music-loving, magician gamer Nino to MY ALL TIME FAVORITE hot, sexy, rapping, sportsfail!, goregous-smile, intelligent Keio-boy, newscasting SAKURAI SHO-CHAAAANNN~!

Many thanks to you for spreading all of the happiness, love and upbeat music you gave us and here's toward your 11th year! I will always support your goals guys! Don't ever give up~! This is only the beginning! :3~!

I celebrated a little today~! ^-^ And I made sure I smiled to everyone today, and all this week too! From Monday to Sunday, every every everyday~! :D Thank you for bringing me such happiness, Arashi-chan! 

Even if I have a paper due soon, lol. XD~!
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More Wallpapers + Personal Picspam?!

So I churned out a few more wallpapers~! If you like these, please check out the other ones on my livejournal! Comments are very much appreciated! I read and reply to all of them! :D Credits for the scans go to arashi_yuuki , katokathy , jesychan and! And credit goes to crazykirarescources @ deviantART for the patterns~!  XD

ON WITH THE WALLPAPERS! Feel free to ask for resizing! :D

My first Arashi wallpaper, lol. I can't believe I didn't make one before. :O But anyway, it'a all the Arashi members looking at their wonderful rainbow-infested name~! XD And the text behind that is all of Arashi's singles! Can you find your favorite single? ^-^ (Riida is so tan compared to everyone else, ne? O_o)

NINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~! XD Isn't he beautiful?! I love love love the almost-black-and-white feel of the scan and Nino's expression. And the hair! I like the font I used here too~! Ah, everything just blends so well because Neener is there~! XD

This one a bit more colorful than the last one.It's nino with soba/noodles/who cares nino is CUUUUTE~! It took me a while to get the colors right here, but I like the end result. Even though it seems simply made, I had to do a lot of tweaking to fix up the scan since the quality was not perfect. BUT NINO IS PERFECT, ISN'T HE?!

AHHH OVARIES EXPLOSION! XD Sho in towel! Gracing your desktop! OMG HE'S SO HOT I LOVE THIS SCAN SO MUCH SO MUCH~! Saving the best for last! ^_<~! But who can resist such a sexy Sho? And the hair? That smile? Those EYES?! *fangirl seizure from all the hotness~*

And that's the wallpapers. Mostly Nino-centric, ne? O_O I don't know why! That boy takes great pictures!


Personal Picspam time! I meant to post these a long time ago but... whatever.

YES. I brought Arashi 5x10 All the best regular edition on eBay! And it's pictured with my truth CD because... well... I just love that CD! XD THE BUS~! *rolls happily on the ground*

CROGUNK! He sits on my desk, guards my compy. :D

YES~! In celebration of My Girl, I brought LADYBUG EARBUDS! Aren't they cute? I just love them to bits~! :D

That's it for today~! What a hobo update I know, but... meh. XD I also made a four-year plan today. Jeez, the planning. @_@ Intense stuff! I can't believe after this, I have to go out and get a job and no longer hobo around as a student. O_o" WHY?! Oh well, I guess my goal is to... move to Japan, stalk Sho and make him marry me! Hey, I can dream, ne? :D~!

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Wallpapers + Picspam, Oh My!

I haven't posted in a month! Ack! College kept me busy, especially Calc. @_@ Actually, mostly Calc. >> << Anyway, I have wallpapers to share today! elitejean tagged me for a picspam, so i'm going to add that to this post too! FIRST, wallpapers! Credits for the scans go to SNG, arashi_yuuki , jesychan and to crazykiraresources @ deviantART for the patterns I used.

Please don't take my wallpapers and do weird things to them! @_@ If anybody finds out someone else is taking credit for my wallpapers, please tell me! :) If you would like a different size, go ahead and tell me and I will resize the wallpaper for you!

I ended up making only Nino and Sho wallies. XD Gomen, Aiba-chan, Oh-chan and Jun~!

I really like the simplicity of this wallpaper. And Nino is just so cute in these scans! XD I wanted the pattern to frame his face and make it look like you were flipping a card over. And anyway, Nino is just so gorgeous, I didn't want to change it. XD

More Neener! I wanted to give this one a softer feel, so the background is gray. Because Nino needs to stand out more. XD I'm also a big fan of this color of blue! Nino + Blue = Awesome~!! X3

Sho now! He's so sexy! *O* You can tell I love cerulean, right? XD I love what Sho is wearing here too; it matches with the checkers. I was listening to Tokei Jikake no Umbrella while making this - Awesome song! The Sakurap really rights to your heart~ Just the beat of the song is enough to send my heart racing!! :3

More Sho~! The thumbnail of this one is kinda ugly, so full-view it please! I promise Sho's beautiful skin will capture you! And his sloping shoulders! And his beautiful lips and sexy eyes~! XDDDD This wallpaper probably works best if your start-bar is on the left/right/top or if your start-bar only moves up when you rollover it. This one will be hard to resize....

And more Sho~! XD HEARTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTS~! I LOVE YOU TOO SHO-CHAN MARRY ME! I took the pink in his shirt and kinda put it everywhere, lol. I loved the pattern, but I also wanted Sho-chan to stand out. So this is what I got.

Sorry if they're not my best works, but this is the first time I'm working with patterns. I wanted to avoid using brushes this time so the patterns would stand out. Also, it would probably look too busy then. Overall, a good turnout, ne? Tell me what you think! :D



I've been tagged by the lovely elitejean to do a picspam meme of oh-my-favorite-sexy-man-in-the-world! Pics aren't mine - most are scans from the people mentioned earlier, katokathy and other places I can't remember. I take no credit for the pictures! Credit is given to their respective owners!


That should end this picspam. @_@ Took me so long because of lj problems, but whatever! I don't know enough people to tag, but if I meet more people I might tag later. XD Or never. ENJOY THE SHO.
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10 years ago, Arashi debuted at Hawaii~! (It's the 15th now, in the US, so I count it anyway) ^-^ They're so hardworking and sexy and wonderful and amazing and hot and gorgeous. <3 I just love them to bits. So as a birthday present - SOME ICONS, YEY~! Using the 5x10 shop photos scanned by the lovely -shokim-. And one text icon. :3 Here we goooo~!

I may make some wallies if I have time. Today is my sister's birthday! :D It's so awesome she has her birthday on Arashi debut day~! :3

As usual, taking is fine, credit would be nice, do not claim as yours and Sho will be happy and sexy as usual~! Comments are <3! I will try to post more often, but college is getting in the way now and I need to read an article before class starts. >> << In any case, feel free to flail the Arashi love around!

Sakurai Sho Wallies + Life

So, something to share with you today~ Sakurai Sho wallies I made today!

By the way, just a note. I don't normally watermark my wallpapers with my name or write the credit on them because I myself find it distracting. HOWEVER! If i discover anyone using my wallpapers and claiming them as their own work, I will become very annoyed and prod them endlessly with a cattle prod. >_> And them start writing the credits on my wallies. :< Please don't make me do that~! ;^;

GAHHHH I LOVE THE PURPLE IN THIS WALL! I experimented with a lot of new effects with this wallpaper and i think I quite like it! I especially like the effects behind Sho (and the scan is freaking amazing! Credit goes to the scanner!~). Click for larger size and, as always, you can ask for a different resolution if you want!

Same scan, a plainer look. I like the plain look of this one, so I decided to post this as well. Click for larger size.

More experimentation. I thought the splash of color was kinda cool, so I decided to leave it. :3 Click for larger~


Also, I changed my profile a bit (+ Sho). :D Go ahead and check it out under user info. I really love that scan although I don't know where I got it. :< But the credit goes to them! I think I'm getting a little bit better at CS2, but there is much more to discover. I must continue trying!

And now for some life. Go ahead and skip this if you don't care to read about my life. The Arashi is done (for now!).

So the restuarant I work at is currently getting screwed over. Apparently, our landlord has decided, all of a sudden, to DOUBLE our rent. Double the rent of a tiny little restuarant with no parking. To $6000. You can imagine my reaction. WUT. To top it all off, apparently we have to pay it all off by October 1st. Of this year. In conclusion, WHAT THE HELL. I don't get angry often, but when I heard this I became wildly angry. Not only this, but apparently the owner was screwed by her agent - who lied to the owner. Now, it's partly the owner's fault that she believed her agent, but still. The owner doesn't deserve this kind of treatment all of a sudden. At this rate, she'll be kicked out. 

And, in the end, life just sucks. The economy sucks. No idea how this is going to turn out, but I may be out of a job soon, which isn't too great due to the fact that I'm going to college. >_< Which may not be too bad, but I seriously worry about the owner. This is bad beans.

And that's the end. :/
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Arashi - Icons + Wallpapers!

Finally! Before school starts, I'm going to whip out another batch of Icons and two wallpapers~ ^-^ Feturing my personal favorite Arashi pics! I meant to post this earlier but there was a lot of college stuff to start setting up. @_@

Icons first!

Wallpapers! Featuring Sho and Nino! ^-^

Sho~ :D

Click for bigger. Wallie is 1024 X 768.

Click for bigger. Wallie is 1200 X 800.
I really like this wallie! I'm even using it as my current desktop! XDD I just think it as a wonderful feel to it. I love the color cerulean and I love Sho so... it was a match made in heaven, yo! XD

If you would like a different size of this wallie, just ask and I'll PM it to you. :D


This wallie is 1200 X 800. If you want a different size, just ask~!
For this wallie, I was listening to Arashi's "One Love"  the whole time. XD That might have had an influence... Anyway, this wallie may be a little out of season, but the picture... I couldn't resist! Nino <3's his guitar!

Whew! That took a while! Credit is not needed, as long as you do not take these icons and wallies as you own! Do not claim them as your own work, please~ Just be nice. :D As usual, none of these scans are mine; credit goes to their respective owners! Enjoy! Comments are <3! ^-^

Arashi Icons~! :D

Some Arashi icons to share with you all! :D Yeah, my skills are not exactly up to par, but I'm pretty statisfied. I hope you guys like them!


That's all I dare to share right now. XD Tell me what you all think! Feel free to take. Credit is nice, but not necessary, as long as you don't take these and claim them as your own work. :3 Comments are <3! And isn't Ohno adorable?  X3

None of the scans/screenshots are mine. Gomen ne, my memory is not too great and I don't remember where I got these scans. @_@ But they're not mine! Credit goes to espectful owners.