School and Things

Loving Arashi's new single "Face Down." It's super addictive. to listen to. On the school front, I'm still working hard. Finals are next week, so I just have to give it my last spurt before I pass out for the summer. XD I've started writing and drawing more. Designing a cosplay costume to be specific. I'm kind of OCD, so I've got 8 pages of detail so far. Possibly more after the measurements...

On a side note, here's some random writing I meant to turn into a short story but have no idea what to do with.


The lights were out, bodies were down and she was alive. Awfully alive. This was bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. She was yelling the word over and over in her head, breathing it, until she was alive with just a word, just a superficial feeling of what was true.
Only then would everything be okay. 
The only way to cope with the detached world was to be detached yourself. Everyone knew that. You reduce your existence to megapixels and megabytes, so insignificant, a tiny speck in cyberspace. Time was indifferent you existence. You didn’t need meaning in black and white. You needed to cope. Cope in the distractions and something true would come along, find you, feed you lies and you’d be okay.
She hadn’t found it yet. The lies-feeder. 

Breathe. Breathe. Mind flow. The blue and purple pills. She took another pair, a colorful pair, like broken blueberries. You need to get away. Ride the high, dump the fear, and get away.

Back up. Rewind. Explode. The smack of soles against the pavement, the cold, escaping to dead sunlight and matted humidity. Night. Open up, run, run, run.
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